A dual competency that meets the challenges of Health

One of the special features of INNOTHERA, lies in its multiple competency: pharmaceutical products, medical textiles and hygiene and protection. These areas of expertise complement each other in a harmonious way and work towards the same end, that of treating common daily pathologies, such as venous disease. INNOTHERA's pharmaceutical laboratory activity enables the Group to apply scientific knowledge and strict pharmaceutical processes to the medical textiles sector, thereby giving it a major advantage over its competitors.


Thanks to its human touch, INNOTHERA can concentrate its efforts on meeting assignments promptly and on achieving an excellent response rate, which is absolutely needed for managing the diversity of profiles and cultures within the group.

A 100% French production

Currently, the INNOTHERA Group's production is 100 % French, with exports amounting to more than 65 % of total sales, and covering more than 100 countries.


A complex industrial process control

This is the price of a disciplined organisation and industrial process perfectly mastered that INNOTHERA products in its French factories more than 20 drugs, controls 15 different dosage forms and distributes medicines in more than 100 countries.

Our values

Our deeply humanistic values form the basis of the identity of the laboratory. Their universality has enabled the group to face many challenges in France and abroad.

Our responsability

Socially responsible, having made the choice made in France, INNOTHERA actively participates in the economic and social development.


About us

INNOTHERA group operates in France and abroad, and distributes products in more than 100 countries.
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Innothera, une entreprise mondiale