An independant French company whith a strong international presence

After a hundred years of existence, and of adapting to the changing world of business, this is still INNOTHERA's guiding principle.

100 years of history


INNOTHERA is a French family business, a pharmaceutical company founded in 1913 by René Chantereau. This visionary pharmacist lived in Paris, where he succeeded in expanding his business into an industrial production company. At this point, the company was called Laboratoires Chantereau. Having presided over the launch of his pharmaceutical products, Doctor Chantereau then had the bold idea of selling effective remedies for treating daily pathologies that cause so much trouble and distress, even if they are not life-threatening.
INNOTHERA works to achieve good health.
René Chantereau turned the business into a limited company and decided to change its name to INNOTHERA, thereby combining the words Innovation Thérapeutique (Therapeutic Innovation) in a thoroughly modern way.
At that time, Doctor Chantereau decided to relocate the whole business, the headquarters, its research and development arm and the manufacture, to Arcueil in Val de Marne, where there was more space.
INNOTHERA's headquarters is still located at Arcueil.
End of the World War II
René Chanterau handed control of INNOTHERA business over to his son-in-law Bernard GOBET, a business school graduate (HEC), who continued to develop the company.
INNOTHERA established a pharmaceutical products factory in Chouzy-sur-Cisse in the Loire Valley.
Setting up an export branch, Laboratoire INNOTECH International.
INNOTHERA will then launch several treatments which still form part of its core production.
The founder's grandson, Arnaud GOBET, who has a SUPELEC diploma and a business school diploma (HEC),
succeded his father. He made women's health a priority for INNOTHERA, and a central element of common daily pathologies. The success of this strategy was recognised when INNOTHERA was awarded the "Oscar of the Laboratory for Women" by the Salon du MEDEC in 1994.
While continuing to develop the pharmaceutical sector, notably for the export market, Arnaud Gobet decided to also expand into the market for medical textiles, especially compression socks and stockings (venous compression) for men and women.
Consequently, INNOTHERA acquired a factory in Switzerland specialized in the production of compression products.
This line developed rapidly and the decision was taken to install a production unit in Nomexy, in the Vosges Mountains, where there is a strong tradition of textile production. This factory subsequently took over the work that the Swiss utility had been producing.
From 2000 until now
INNOTHERA products are entirely designed, researched and produced in France, both the pharmaceutical products and the compression products, while the company continues to expand its international presence.
Actually, INNOTHERA did not wait to see the benefits of the "made in France" brand before deciding to concentrate its entire industrial production - including the textile products - in France. When it became clear that the production side needed to be expanded, Arnaud Gobet and his family not only chose to maintain the two French plants, but to expand them, as well.
In June 2015, INNOTHERA was awarded the Origine France Garantie (Guarantee of French Origin) label for its Elastic Venous Compression socks and stockings.
The challenge that INNOTHERA has taken on has proved a winner for the business and its workforce.
Currently, the INNOTHERA Group's manufacturing is 100% made in France, with exports amounting to more than 65% of total sales, and covering more than 100 countries.



Our values

Our deeply humanistic values form the basis of the identity of the laboratory. Their universality has enabled the group to face many challenges in France and abroad.

Our responsability

Socially responsible, having made the choice made in France, INNOTHERA actively participates in the economic and social development.


About us

INNOTHERA group operates in France and abroad, and distributes products in more than 100 countries.
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